First Yellowstone Lake Day Paddle of the Year

Geyser Kayak Tours is very excited to report on our first kayak trip of the season, a full month sooner than last year. A year ago we had a winter of record Occasional Geyser, Yellowstone Lakesnowfall, and it stayed cold and kept snowing right into mid-June. A low snowpack this year, combined with warm Spring temperatures, have allowed the ice on Yellowstone Lake to begin breaking, just enough so we can go kayaking.


Ice in the DistanceIt was a beautiful sunny, warm and windless day. The surface of the lake was as smooth as glass. Just like so many days when we go kayaking in Yellowstone, there were no other people Golden Eye Ducksanywhere on the Lake. Yellowstone National Park has over 3 million visitor every summer, but you can kayak on Yellowstone Lake on any given day, and have the whole place to yourself.


paddling thru the iceAs we paddled around the shoreline to the West Thumb Geyser Basin,we had to cross over one area where the lake was stillfrozen. Having never actually kayaked through shifting ice packs before, we were all Marmot on a Rockimpressed by the power and beauty of our surroundings. Yellowstone is a very active  environment, with constantly changing natural forces. It is a different experience every time you go.


Lakeside GeyserSea Kayaking in Yellowstone is always an incredible experience! Geyser Kayak Tours can take you quickly and comfortably away from the crowds to show you what Yellowstone is really like. No other outfitter in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Idaho, or Montana has guided trips as unique as our full and half-day guided kayak tours, and overnight back-country wilderness kayak trips.

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    First Yellowstone Lake Day Paddle of the Year | Geyser Kayak

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    First Yellowstone Lake Day Paddle of the Year | Geyser Kayak

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