Public Forums On Long-Term Winter Use Plan

Yellowstone National Park workers got the publics input on winter use issues.

“We’re out going around to the Gateway communities to gather information from the public as we begin work on a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for winter use,” said Al Nash, park spokesman.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement takes a look at the potential effects of motorized travel in the park.

It calls for some changes, like when you get in to the park, snow coach standards, and where you can snowmobile.

Yellowstone representatives were eager to hear the publics suggestions that can be used for the next several decades.

“Some of the issues that folks raised last year in comments were concerns about our preferred alternative which had variable use limits of the idea that we needed to have everybody in the park by 10:30 in the morning or one where we were attempting to define what best available technology might be for snow coaches,” Nash said.

Seven alternatives were presented and Yellowstone officials hope to be back to Bozeman in April or May to present their newest plan. All public comment will be taken through March 9th, and over 59,000 public comments have already been taken. The park hopes to put the new plan in place by next winter.

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