Welcome to Yellowstone Geyser Kayak Tours

For more than 25 years we have been showing our guests the absolute best way to experience the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park by kayaking away from the crowds on Yellowstone Lake. Come paddle with the most experienced kayaking guides in Yellowstone, in our small groups with an individual experience, and you will see a side of Yellowstone few ever do.

Established in 1872 as the world’s first national park, Yellowstone is one of the best inland paddling destinations in the world. The clear water and high mountain lakes of the greater Yellowstone area provide a truly unique kayaking experience. Yellowstone is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Preserved within Yellowstone is the largest concentration of active geysers in the world – approximately half of the world’s total. Paddling away from the cars and crowds you will see a side of Yellowstone few ever do.

Whether it’s your first time in a kayak or if you’ve been kayaking for years, our experienced and knowledgeable guides provide expert instruction and interpretation, as they lead you around the shoreline to the West Thumb Geyser Basin where we will explore all the geothermal features on land and under water, many of which are not accessible by any other means. We always stay in small groups to make sure you get the most information and best access to this incredible area, and to ensure safety throughout each trip. We provide the best in kayaks and equipment, instruction on paddling techniques, and a delicious lunch. We have both single and double kayaks available and no prior kayaking experience is required.

With half and full day outings up to overnight trips, we combine safety, fun, and learning experiences with an appreciation for the natural environment. Yellowstone National Park never looks better than from the seat of a kayak!

Kayaking is like backpacking, with one notable exception: everything is carried in the kayak, not on your back! There are no trails to follow, so you can go anywhere there’s water. We travel in to areas open only to paddle craft where we can experience the amazing scenery and solitude of the high mountains, unique geothermal features, beautiful wildflower meadows, endless lodgepole forests, and abundant wildlife in their native environment. Absolutely no prior kayaking experience is required, an experienced guide and instructor accompanies every trip.